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About my Services

As a dedicated graphic designer, I specialize in crafting compelling visuals that elevate your brand presence.


From sleek logos and impactful marketing materials to fun party invitations and elegant wedding stationary, I am committed to making your vision stand out.​ 


My proficiency in digital photo restoration ensures that cherished memories are revitalized, preserving the past for generations to come.​ 


Photography is my lens to capture the essence of the moment. Whether it's striking portraits or breathtaking landscapes, I freeze time to tell your unique story through the art of photography. 


​Beyond design and photography, I am also a skilled artisan in jewelry creation. Elevate your style with bespoke jewelry and enhance your space with unique decor pieces that reflect your individuality.​ 


Searching for a personal touch? Look no further! My custom laser engraving services add a distinctive flair to almost any item, creating truly one-of-a-kind pieces. 


Join me at Maleanda Designs, where imagination converges with craftsmanship. Let's transform your ideas into tangible treasures!​ 


Check out some of my work on my Facebook Page!

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